process map

Discoverable process map types from a Service Oriented Architecture perspective

Process mining perspectives Process map discovery is approachable from many angles. One could worry primarily about the control-flow of activities , or about social networks between resources (the organizational perspective), about properties...
process mining project

Process mining project: four step ramp-up plan

How to get a process mining project started for my organization?  Checking if process mining is an applicable potential solution to problems in your organization involves four first steps: Identify who in...

Process mining: what?

Problems addressable through process mining The three main typical questions process mining can provide an answer to are: What has been going on in terms of system flows, until now? What is going on right now in terms of system flows, for real?  What is most probable to happen in future, in terms of system […]

process mining and machine learning

Process mining and machine learning

Process mining and machine learning both seek to obtain a representation of a system in order to gain further insights concerning the system.  The difference is dictated by the type of representation...

Structural analysis of a process map: re-work (self-loops) and transfers

Types of process flow structural changes Process mining can reveal two main types of structural changes in process flow fabric: self-loops / re-work (repeated activities) and transfers in-between different activities.    Examples...