About us

At Soft Centrica (our company), we are passionate about leveraging technology to help you gain an understanding of your business. That’s why  we create solutions that go beyond analyzing data to turning your processes into insights. We look for bottlenecks, delays and deviations from the expected, to point out where things go wrong or could do better.   

We care about understanding data and we care about understanding flow. So that you can become aware of the choices you have to improve, and make a decision.

We  rely on both data and process mining, to create not only an understanding of basic analytics about the data, but also of the flows (the clinical processes) with the observed digital footprint.  The resulting process map assists in gaining an understanding of the mismatches between what happens in reality, and what should happen according to the model. 

ProcessHive – our process mining solution – was developed and tested with data coming from 18 hospitals / 3 years.