Process mining project: four step ramp-up plan

How to get a process mining project started for my organization? 

Checking if process mining is an applicable potential solution to problems in your organization involves four first steps:

  1. Identify who in your organization should be involved in the study. Once discovery algorithms produce the first versions of a process map from the logs of interest, it is often imperative that in-house domain knowledge is brought to the table to understand whether the process flow deviations identified automatically are a result of a normal modus operandi of your system, or an indication of malfunctioning / improvable systemic behavior.
  2. Ask for a proof-of-concept project to see how it applies to your organization. One click away.
  3. Bring in-house domain expertise and list potential ways of improvement of the inefficiencies.
  4. Identify what problems are of most interest in your organization, that might be investigated through process mining. 
    • What are the end results you would like to achieve? 
    • What are the problems that you would like better verbalized after analyzing your logs? 
    • Is your investigation driven by a need to understand the potential causes of a certain status quo in your system, or to improve KPI?